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Issue 54 (40 pp)

Summer 2021


Page Contents - Issue 54
FrontThe cover art is by Ron Turner, for  "Invaders from Time", (see below)
2From the Editor, and "Collisions in Space", a short discussion of the impending "Kessler Syndrome", arising from Ray Wright's letter in The Times newspaper in April, and an article in The Times describing damage to the International Space Station.
3-6Dan Dare in "Voyage of the Ankum"  Episodes 11-12, written by John Bailey, adapted by Richard Woods, drawn by William Naylor, with text and editing by Des Shaw, and colouring by Martin Baines.
7-12Dan Dare in Motion, by Andrew Darlington. This is the story of  Dan Dare and company in animated form on television.
13-17Nick Hazard, Interstellar Agent, in Invaders from Time, Episode 1,  by John Russell Fearn, Art by Ron Turner and colouring by Martin Baines.
18-19, Space News, by Ray Wright. The regular digest of what's been significant in  in space and astronomy over the last four months
20-21Centrespread, by Graham Bleathman. A cutaway pi ture of the Crypt interstellar spaceship featured in the Dan Dare story "The Man from Nowhere".
22-23Space News continued.
24-27Jeff Hawke, The Comet's Tale, Part 1, Original monochrome artwork and story by Sydney Jordan. (Colourised). Jeff and his crew have been sent out to make the first human landing on the nucleus of a comet, Moore's Comet heading towards the inner Solar System. When they reach it, they find, to their amazement, what appears to be a giant suit of armour, encased in ice within the nucleus. More amazing still, shortly after making this find, they are addressed by a humanoid alien whom they have met before! Conincidence? 
28-33North Wiltshire to Infinity!, by Ray Wright. An unfinished story of an attempt to carve a path in the space transport industry.
28-33Target: Earth Episode 5 Story by Gordon Coombs, Art by Harry Winslade Tom, Gerry, and Professor Harris travel to planet Beta with a view to sabotage. .
38Mekon Mirth, by Chris Hall. Humour
39Earthward Bound, More madness of the moon creatures
BackMontage, by Don Harley.