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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the first issue of SPACESHIP AWAY 2019. The front cover and centrespread features recent artwork by Don Harley.

This leads us into our main article, The Don Harley Story, Part One by Alan Vince, which describes Donís Dan Dare years, with many unseen studio posed photographs. Part Two will continue in the summer issue of Spaceship Away.

The Dan Dare story, Shakedown Cruise by Tim Booth, hots up with plenty of action for Dan and Co.

We have another four pages of the Operation Pintos story. This is followed by Space News with up-to-date reviews by Ray Wright.

John Russell Fearnís The Golden Amazon saga continues with The Undersea Quest, Part Two, drawn by Ron Turner and coloured by Martin Baines.

Andrew Darlington re-reads a series of space adventure novels published in the 1950s, that explore the Moon, Mars and other worlds.

Frontiers of Space continues, as well as our humour strip, Earthward Bound. Finally, on the back cover, a new oil painting of The Mekon by Don Harley.

Happy reading.

Des Shaw

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