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Issue 55 (40 pp)

Winter 2021


Page Contents - Issue 55
FrontThe cover art is Ian Kennedy's atmospheric  illustration of the Anastasia.
2From the Editor
3-6Dan Dare in "Voyage of the Ankum"  Episodes 13-14, written by John Bailey, adapted by Richard Woods, drawn by William Naylor, with text and editing by Des Shaw, and colouring by Martin Baines.
7-11The Adventures of Alan Stranks, by Andrew Darlington - a  biography of the celebrated Alan Stranks who worked on The Eagle magazine, amongst other things, and best known for the PC49 strip in Eagle.
12-13A Tribute to Greta Tomlinson, by Rod Barzilay. Greta Tomlinson was one of the original artists who worked with Frank Hampson on The Eagle in Southport, Lancashire, from 1950
14-17Jeff Hawke, The Comet's Tale, Part 2, Original monochrome artwork and story by Sydney Jordan. (Colourised). Jeff and his companion McLean are exploring the nucleus of Moore's Comet, when thy come across a giant humanoid shape, in armour, frozen in the ice. Immediately after they make this discovery another alien appears. His name is Chalcedon, and Jeff has met him before. Chalcedon explains that Ortzan is a being of enormous power, who would wreak destruction on the Earth, Unfortunately, the comet is taking him to Earth,  with which it is on a collision course. Chalcedon offers to help - at a price.
18-19 Space News, by Ray Wright. New findings on the core of Mars, and discussion of the forthcoming exploration and colonisation. William Shatner's (short) journey into space.
20-21Centrespread, by Ian Kennedy. An atmospheric illustration of the Anastasia in flight.
22-23Space News, continued. A very rare triple image of a galaxy by gravitational lensing, a hi-res image of an asteroid and an update on the SpaceX fully-re-usable "Starship", with its massive booster stage, connected for the first time.
24-27Target: Earth Episode 6 Story by Gordon Coombs, Art by Harry Winslade Tom, Gerry, and Professor Harris put their sabotage plan into action.
28-31Boys' Papers, a glance through the early years. By that we mean magazines for boys that were published 100 years ago, and more (no such thing as girls in those days..)
32-35Nick Hazzard, Interstellar Agent, in Invaders from Time, Episode 2,  by John Russell Fearn, Art by Ron Turner and colouring by Martin Baines.
36-37City in Space, Part 3. More about the ambitious designs of Daniel C Romick, of the Goodyear Aircraft Company, aimed at building large habitations in Earth orbit.
38A Don Harley illustration of Dan, Digby and Peabody in their AD2000 incarnations and a ludicrous, but well-illustrated "Eagle" spaceship in the background
39Earthward Bound, Yet more cheesy madness of those pesky moon creatures with those thermionic valves on their heads (unsafe, I call it)
BackA superb picture of Greta Tomlinson as Peabody, by Don Harley