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Issue 53 (40 pp)

Spring  2021


Page Contents - Issue 53
FrontThe arrival of the Ankum on the bridge of the Galactic Galleon, drawn by William Naylor, with colouring by Martin Baines.
3-6Dan Dare, in "Voyage of the Ankum", Episodes 9-10, written by John Bailey, adapted by Richard Woods, drawn by William Naylor, with text and editing by Des Shaw, and colouring by Martin Baines.
7-12The Fake Dan Dare Syndrome,  If Dan Dare hadn't been such a success in in the mind of the British public, there wouldn't have been so many satirical send-ups, in our national newspapers and elsewhere, would there? Andrew Darlington gives us an interesting and informative summary.
13-17Jeff Hawke - Selena, Episode 4. Story and art originally by Sydney Jordan. Originally in monochrome, coloured for Spaceship Away.
18Tribute to Don Harley, by Ron Barzilay,  to the late accomplished artist and illustrator, and fellow-artist with Frank Hampson on Dan Dare in The Eagle.
19Montage picture - a gathering of characters from the Dan Dare stories, by Don Harley.
20-21Centre-spread. Dan and Digby look back at us as they set off for another space mission in Anastasia, by Don Harley.
22-25Space News, by Ray Wright. Exploding starships at SpaceX, interesting exo-planets, the UK's own space port, etc.
26-29Target: Earth Episode 4. tory by Gordon Coombs, Art by Harry Winslade. Fighters from planet  Beta chase the Earthmen to Omega, who take control of the spaceships of the visitors from Earth, and their attackers from Beta.
30-33Dan Dare - Visions of the future, by Ray Wright. Dan Dare's adventures, from their beginnings in 1950, onwards, have yielded what seem uncannily like glimpses of the technology of the future, here and there. This article discusses eight of them.
34-37The Space City, Parts 1 and 2. The space station plan of Daniel C Romick, of the Goodyear Aircraft Company, is described and illustrated.
36Sid Clarks's Model of the the "Caledonia" spaceship of the "Safari in Space" Dan Dare Story.
BackSpace for Humour. The Case of the Corned Beef Sandwich. Reproduced from "How to be Really Interesting", a book by Steve Davis