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Issue 50 (40 pp)

Spring 2020


Page Contents - Issue 50
FrontThe Galactic Galleon, drawn by William Naylor, adorns the front cover. The ship was last seen in the pages of The Eagle, in the Dan Dare stories "Terra Nova", and "Trip to Trouble".
2"From the Editor", Reviews and Reader's Correspondence

Dan Dare, in "Voyage of the Ankum", Episodes 1-3, written by John Bailey, adapted by Richard Woods, drawn by William Naylor, with text and editing by Des Shaw, and colouring by Martin Baines.


"Captain Condor", by Andrew Darlington. A comprehensive history of a different space hero, who appeared in "Lion" in the 1950s and 1960s


Jeff Hawke - Selena, Episode 1. Story and art originally by Sydney Jordan. Originally in monochrome, coloured for Spaceship Away.



Space News: An update on the SpaceX Starship programme, more results from ESA's Mars Express orbiter, and prospects for planets in orbit round black holes, by  Ray Wright.

20-21Centrespread: The Galactic Galleon - the iconic interstellar ship from the  "Terra Nova" Dan Dare story, drawn by Graham Bleathman.
22-23Space News: progress with Reaction Engines revolutionary air-breathing rocket engine, a UK space port for rocket launchers, and a tribute, now an obituary, to one of the "Hidden Figures" of NASA
28-30The Golden Amazon, Chapter 3, "PROMETHEUS UNBOUND", Part 3. Art:  Ron Turner, script:  Philip Harbottle, colouring: Martin Baines, based on "Conquest of the Amazon" by John Russell Fearn. Editing and additional material by John Lawrence. Story concludes. the Amazon saves the Solar System,
31Memorabilia: The Dan Dare "Space Cup"
32-35Target: Earth Episode 1. A revolutionary radar satellite  discovers an invasion fleet from another stellar systems Story by Gordon Coombs, Art by Harry Winslade
36-38Possible influences of Science Fiction on Dan Dare Philip Harbottle investigates potential links between the Dan Dare stories in The Eagle and earlier Sci-Fi strip art stories.
39"Earthward Bound", Episode 5, More cheesy madness with the Moonies.

A page from Dawn O'Dare, the only one, in fact, drawn by Frank Hampson and coloured by John Ridgway.