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Issue 49 (40 pp)

Autumn 2019


Page Contents - Issue 49
FrontThis is Keith Watson's first depiction of Xel, the brutal dictator from the Svalokin Empire of Stol, Eagle (14), 20th April 1963.
2"From the Editor", Reviews and Reader's Correspondence

Dan Dare, in "Shakedown Cruise", Episode 25, concluding the story, written and drawn by Tim Booth, and Episodes 1 & 2 of "The Murder Run", Story: Keith Howard, Drawing: William Rudling, Colour: Martin Baines.


"The Story of my Life", an autobiography of the prolific scriptwriter and editor, David Motton.


Operation Pintos, Episode 8. Conclusion: Tom closes down a Vitron power station, saving the planet, and the rest of the crew defeat the evil rebel, Zarat. Story by Gordon Coombs, Art by Harry Winslade.


Space News: New results on Martian atmospheric methane, progress with SpaceX's amazing "Starship", a new exoplanet causing a re-write of planetary formation theory, another interstellar object, visiting the Solar System, tracking down the amazing terrestrial natural gamma-ray flashes, detection of water on an exoplanet in its star's habitable zone, and results that make one cosmology conundrum worse are presented and discussed by Ray Wright.

28-33The Golden Amazon, Chapter 3, "PROMETHEUS UNBOUND", Part 2. Article and strip by John Russell Fearn. Strip art lettering by Ron Turner, Script by Philip Harbottle, Colouring by Martin Baines, based on "Conquest of the Amazon" by John Russell Fearn. Editing and additional material by John Lawrence. (Talking of strips, there's nakedness in this one...)
34-38Spreading the Word! Alan Vince looks back on on how he ended up writing and talking about about his favourite comic strip, artists and writers.
39"Earthward Bound", Episode 4, with the Moonies; a humour strip.

A pictorial tribute to Don Harley, by Alan Vince, 2004.