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Issue 51 (40 pp)

Summer 2020


Page Contents - Issue 51
FrontDid you know that Dan Dare had a daughter? Neither did we, but, then, we don't know everything. John M Burns did, though, and he has given us a very fine illustration, as part of a montage.
2"From the Editor", plus a realisation of the Phant food capsules in a container. Looks yummy.

Dan Dare, in "Voyage of the Ankum", Episodes 4-6, written by John Bailey, adapted by Richard Woods, drawn by William Naylor, with text and editing by Des Shaw, and colouring by Martin Baines.


"Spacesuits and Gymslips!", by Andrew Darlington, who explores the science fiction and fantasy  strip stories published in girls' comics in the second half of the 20th century.


Hats off to Tim Booth, a tribute, by Rod Barzilay. Tim Booth has supplied splendid, engaging illustrative artwork to Spaceship Away for 13 years.


Space News: New measurements confirm that Milky Way has a bar at its centre (wonder what beers they serve there...), the crumbling of a comet, an ancient titanic explosion, the growing problem of light pollution from satellites, the Psyche mission to a bare planetary core, and the first astronaut crew to the International Space Station aboard a commercial flight makes history, by Ray Wright.

20-21Centrespread: A montage, featuring Dan Dare's daughter, visualised by John M Burns
23-27Jeff Hawke - Selena, Episode 2. Story and art originally by Sydney Jordan. Originally in monochrome, coloured for Spaceship Away.
28-31Voyage to Venus - Jet Ace Logan. David Ashford  takes a Space Strip Journey through the Comet and Sun.
32-35Target: Earth Episode 2. A squadron is sent out to Beta, to investigate the invasion threat. Story by Gordon Coombs, Art by Harry Winslade
36-38The Frontiers of Space, as viualised in the 1950s Part 4. The notion of hollowing out an asteroid to make a  "space ark", and adding ion propulsion is many decades old.
39"Earthward Bound", Episode 6, Continuing capers of the cheese mites from the Moon.

Models of Phant food transport spaceships (Dan Dare - "Rogue Planet" story), created by Sid Clarke