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Issue 41 (40 pp)

Spring 2017



Page Contents - Issue 41
FrontA picture of Spacefleet Headquarters, by Graham Bleathman
2Editorial,  and a Spacefleet team height chart
3-4Dan Dare, in "Parsecular Tales", written and drawn by Tim Booth
5-8Dan Dare, in "Shakedown Cruise", written and drawn by Tim Booth
9-11"Two Unlikely Dan Dare Artists: Jack Daniel and Norman Williams", an article by David Ashford.
12-13"Space Station: All aboard for the trip in the first rocket", an article by D.J.Nunn, with art by Bruce Cornwell
14-19 "The Killing Zone", Story by Ron Turner, Art by John Lawrence, Colouring by Martin Baines
20-21Centre-spread: Spacefleet Headquarters, by Graham Bleathman
22"The Killing Zone", concluded
23-32Dan Dare, in "Martian Menace", by John Freeman, with art by Joe Pimentel and colour and art edits by John Ridgway
33-36Dan Dare, in "Shakedown Cruise", continued
37"The History of Early rockets, Part 1", article by D.J.Nunn
38Dan Dare memorabilia: a stereo viewer, featuring an early Dan Dare adventure on Mars in ten stereo pair panels
39"Davy Rocket", our regular humour strip, by Ray Aspden
BackA montage of characters from the Dan Dare stories, by Bill Naylor