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Issue 42 (40 pp)

Summer 2017



Page Contents - Issue 42
FrontThe Zylbat, with Dan and Digby aboard leaves Earth at high speed, by Don Harley and Bruce Cornwell
2Editorial,  and Peter Dodwell's 70th birthday Anastasia cake!
3-6Dan Dare, in "Shakedown Cruise", Episodes 5 & 6, written and drawn by Tim Booth
7-11Jet Ace Logan! from Comet to Tiger and beyond..., by Andrew Darlington.
12-17Operation Pintos, Episode 1. The World Government sends an exploration expedition to the new planet, Pintos. Story by Cordon Coombs, Art by Harry Winslade.
18-19"The History of Early rockets, Part 2", article by D.J.Nunn
20-21Centre-spread: The Delaware. An interplanetary cruiser cutaway drawing by Graham Bleathman.
22-23"The History of Early rockets, Part 2" continued from page 19
23-29 The Golden Amazon, Chapter 1, Part 1. Article and strip by John Russell Fearn. Strip art lettering by Ron Turner, Script by Philip Harbottle, Colouring by Martin Baines, based on "Conquest of the Amazon" by John Russell Fearn. Editing and additional material by John Lawrence.
30-31"Ron Turner's Tit-bits Science fiction Comics", by Philip Harbottle
32"Dan Dare's Forgotten Half Moon Stage Play", by Jeremy Briggs
33-36Dan Dare, in "Shakedown Cruise", Episodes 7 & 8, written and drawn by Tim Booth
37-38"Dan Dare's Forgotten Half Moon Stage Play", by Jeremy Briggs, continued from page 32
39"Davy Rocket", our regular humour strip, by Ray Aspden
BackA montage, based on the Dan Dare story: "The Solid Space Mystery", in the Eagle, mid-1960s, by Don Harley