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Issue 40 (40 pp)

Autumn 2016



Page Contents - Issue 40
FrontAn illustration by Don Harley and Bruce Cornwell, from the "Mission of the Earthmen" story of Dan Dare in the original Eagle magazine, 12th Nov 1960, Vol 11(46).
2From the Editor, with an illustration of a Dan Dare jig-saw, puzzle of the 1950s.
3-6Dan Dare: Mercury Revenant, (concluded) Episode 17-18, written and drawn by Tim Booth
7-11Hal Starr, Space Adventurer, by David Ashford: There was a lot more to Hal Starr than the adventures re-printed and coloured in earlier issues of Spaceship Away, as David Ashford reveals.
12-15Jet Morgan and the Space Pirates, Episode 2, Story by Charles Chilton, Art by Ferdinando Tacconi
16-24Dan Dare Returns to Radio with B7 Media, by Jeremy Briggs. Dan Dare was first on the radio in 1951, and now he's back! The centre-spread is a poster for the series of stories.
24-29Nick Hazard and the Planet of Doom (concluded) Episode 6, Script: Philip Harbottle. Art: Ron Turner. Colouring: Martin Baines
30-32Dave Gibbons...'Artdroid' for 2000AD's Dan Dare, by Jeremy Briggs.
33-36Dan Dare: Episode 26-27 of Parsecular Tales, written and drawn by Tim Booth
37-38Dave Gibbons...'Artdroid' for 2000AD's Dan Dare continued.
39Daniel - humour by Steve English (story and art)
BackMontage of scenes and characters from Dan Dare, by Don Harley