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Part 24  (40 pp)

August 2011



Page Contents - Issue 24
CoverA Dan Dare illustration by Don Harley
2Letter from the Editor (Des Shaw), plus adverts for CD "Voyage to Venus" and "Crikey!"
3-8DAN DARE - PARSECULAR TALES - Episode 4, written and drawn by Tim Booth
9-12Robert "Pop" Hampson at Bayford Lodge by Rod Barzilay
13A Don Harley painting of Joan Porter with Brenda Kennington setting up a photo-shoot with Robert Hampson and Max Dunlop
14-19JOURNEY INTO SPACE - Shadow over Britain - Episode 3, written by Charles Chilton, and drawn by Ferdinando Tacconi
20-21A Dan Dare Phantom Fleet painting  by Don Harley
Introduction by Dave Westaway
23-26GARTH - The FINALITY FACTOR - Part 1 drawn by Martin Asbury, colour by Tim Booth
27CHAT-BACK - Readers Comments, Questions & Answers
28Marcus Morris visits Frank Hampson at Bruce Lodge, Painting by Don Harley
The Phantom Fleet - the original draft 1957 Synopsis of Alan Stranks, by Ray Aspden
31-36DAN DARE - PARSECULAR TALES - Episode 5, written and drawn by Tim Booth
38Models from Dan Dare's World - 16: The Venus Mini-Rocket by Martin Bower
39Readers' Corner - two items!. More 'swipes' from Dan Dare, and the original Don Harley painting of 'The Parting Guest' memoirs book cover.
40Digby's Bad Dream by Tim Booth