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Part 25 (40 pp)

November 2011



Contents - Issue 25

CoverA Dan Dare illustration by Don Harley
2Letters from the Editor, plus a well-known Christmas greetings frame!
3-4DAN DARE - Missiles and Mistletoe written by Sydney Jordan and drawn by Don Harley
5-10Desmond Walduck: "A Worthy Earthman" by Alan Vince
11-16DAN DARE - PARSECULAR TALES - Episode 6, written and drawn by Tim Booth
17-19Spacefleet Headquarters by Charles W. Evans-Gunther
20-21Old and New Eagle Dan Dare by Ian Kennedy
22-25GARTH - The FINALITY FACTOR - Part 2 drawn by Martin Asbury colour by Tim Booth
26CHAT-BACK - Readers' Comments, Questions & Answers, and a mention of Charles Chilton's autobiography
27-33JOURNEY INTO SPACE - Shadow Over Britain - Episode 4 written by Charles Chilton and drawn by Fernando Tacconi and Bruce Cornwell
34Another Frank Hampson Dan Dare Find!
35Models from Dan Dare's World - 17 A Theron Fighter Ship by Sid Clark
36-37Dan and Digby's Happy Landing by Don Harley
38-38Dan Dare's Race in Space board game
40A painting of Spacefleet H.Q. by Bruce Cornwell