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Part 23  (40 pp)

March 2011



Page Contents - Issue 23
CoverA Dan Dare illustration by Don Harley
2Letter from the Editor (Des Shaw) ,  plus a Dan Dare painting by Don Harley
3-8DAN DARE - PARSECULAR TALES - Episode 3: Written and drawn by Tim Booth
9-10The "Other" Phantom Fleet by Martin Crookall
11-17JOURNEY INTO SPACE -  Shadow over Britain -  Episode 2: written by Charles Chilton, and drawn by Ferdinando Tacconi
18Designed for Flight - Spacefleet H.Q. by Jeremy Briggs
19MEKKI in The Policeman Cometh by Ray Aspden
20-21A Dan Dare painting by Don Harley
22-24 GARTH - The BUBBLE MAN - Part 5  drawn by Frank Bellamy, colour by John Ridgway
25OUR BERTIE - 'Ow DO! OW DO! Again! by Ray Aspden
26IAN KENNEDY Made a Huge Impact on Me by David Robertson
27An IAN KENNEDY New Eagle Dan Dare montag
28The very first David Motton / Keith Watson page (including Keith Watson's first take on the opening frames.)
29-34The DAN DARE Years by David Motton
35-40DAN DARE in THE PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKE - Episode 1. Story by John Freeman, Art by Mike Nicoll