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Part 7  (40 pp)

October 2005

Okay - we have always run with Dan Dare and Dan Bear but now we embrace other Sci-Fi as well by adding Charles Chilton’s Journey into Space to our pages


Contents - Issue 7


Main frame shows Charles Chilton’s - “Journey into Space” starting in this issue, plus 3 mini frames from Green Nemesis, Project Pluto and Rocket Pilot.


Letter from the Editor (Rod Barzilay) , pictures from the 2005 Bristol Comics Expo (showing Don Harley) and  contents list.

3-6Episodes 8 and 9 of  Green Nemesis  written by Rod Barzilay and drawn by Don Harley.

frank hampson’s mekonta by Joan Porter  -  An article explaining how  Frank Hampson came up with his ideas for the Treen city of Mekonta in 1949.


MODELS FROM DAN DARE’S WORLD - 3  - A model of the Impulse Wave Electro-Stunner from the “Safari In Space” story made by Sid Clark.


our bertie - Mrs Digby’s little lad!  by Ray Aspden. A humorous look at just what happened to Bertie (and his pet caterpillar) during Dan and Digby’s adventures in space.


Looking at JOURNEY INTO SPACE by Rod Barzilay - How the famous Radio programme came into being, along with cast photographs, and why the strip was also created.


JOURNEY INTO SPACE -  PLANET OF FEAR -  Episode 1 written by Charles Chilton, and drawn by Ferdinando Tacconi


DESIGNED FOR FLIGHT: PRONE PILOT by Jeremy Briggs An article about the history of flying aircraft while lying prone.


DAN DIRE Part 3 - The Golden Years by Eric MacKenzie A parody of  Frank Hampson’s connection to Dan Dare.


(Centrespread)  A Don Harley painting showing many of Dan’s friends plus the Mekon and his robots.


THE CROATIAN DAN DARE by Dr. Zvonimir Freivogel  -  a look at Dan Dare in  “Plava Vjesnik” a Croatian youth magazine Plus a Who’s Who key  to Don’s centre spread.


ROCKET PILOT Part 5 (Sir Hubert Guest’s early years) written and drawn by Keith Page.


CHAT BACK pages - Readers comments, questions and editorial answers.  Plus a look at Dan Dare’s Wedding!

30MEKKI’S BREKKI  by Ray Aspden.

ALL CHANGE Part 3  by Simon Garrett  -  illustrated by Andrew Skilleter.  - A Dan Dare text tale that links the “Trip to Trouble” yarn to the “Project Nimbus” story.


PROJECT PLUTO - Part 5A new Dan Dare strip story set in 2024 developed on from an idea by Nicholas Hill , scripted and drawn by Martin Baines.


supporters of dan dare - 1  by Rod Barzilay -  A new series looking at other people who have helped keep Dan Dare’s flag flying over the years - this time its Bill Naylor.


and in SPACESHIP AWAY - Part 8  - a look ahead at what’s coming soon,  including Sydney Jordan’s - “Hal Starr” strip starting in the next issue of the magazine.

BackThe DAN BEAR story by Andy Boyce continues.