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Part 6  (36 pp)

June 2005

Following our different cover lay-out last time we make some changes inside this time.

To make articles easier to read we have changed the text font, put text into columns and added "Story so Far" boxes to our main stories.


Contents - Issue 6


Main frame shows five front page headlines to do with Project Pluto, plus 3 mini frames from Green Nemesis,  Rocket Pilot,  and All Change.


Letter from the Editor (Rod Barzilay),  a Dan Dare painting by Graeme Neil Reid,  and the contents list.


Episodes 6 and 7 of Green Nemesis  written by Rod Barzilay and  drawn by Don Harley.


master of the universe by Alan Vince.  - Alan recalls a BBC Television show called ‘Originals’ that featured Dan Dare and Eagle which after recording sank without trace.


MODELS FROM DAN DARE’S WORLD - 2  - A model of the St. Christopher rescue rocket  that featured in “Operation Saturn”  made by Martin Bower.


DAN DIRE Part 2 - Goodguy of the Spaceways by Eric MacKenzie - A parody of Frank Hampson’s link with Dan Dare.


IMPULSE WAVES AND SPACE FLEET SHIPS -Observations and Deductions by Roy Henderson.


The NORWEGIAN DAN DARE - A look at two versions of “HAUK” that featured Dan Dare between 1955 and 1957.


MAROONED ON (Freddie) MERCURY! by Ray Aspden. Ray is at it again, this time mixing Queen's music into the “Marooned on Mercury” Dan Dare story.


DAN DARE - ASTROLOGICAL ANALYSIS - This is something different!   A look at the good Colonel’s Star chart!


THE RETURN of BERTIE an adventure of Mrs Digby’s little lad! - by Ray Aspden.  More light-hearted stuff from Ray.


More Frank Hampson Studio Development Sketches - This time showing Gogol’s Spacecraft and launch site,  plus what the uniform badges stand for in the “Rogue Planet” story.


(Centrespread) THE DAN DARE MURAL FROM THE 1956 HULTONS BOYS & GIRLS EXHIBITION - Recreated from a black and white photograph by John Ridgway.


CHAT BACK pages - Readers comments, questions and editorial answers.  Plus an extra frame of “Our Bertie”


ROCKET PILOT Part 4 (Sir Hubert Guest’s early years) written and drawn by Keith Page.


ALL CHANGE Part 2  by Simon Garrett  -  illustrated by Andrew Skilleter.  -  A Dan Dare text tale that links the “Trip to Trouble” yarn to the “Project Nimbus” story.


PROJECT PLUTO - Part 4A new Dan Dare strip story set in 2024 developed on from an idea by Nicholas Hill , scripted and drawn by Martin Baines.


READERS CORNER - A  unique photo of “Dan Dare” taken at “The Planet on Sunday”  launch in Birmingham sent in by Gordon Daniel. - Plus POINTS ARISING!   Commenting on a few printing dropouts in Spaceship Away Part 5.

BackThe DAN BEAR story by Andy Boyce continues.