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Part 22  (52 pp)

November 2010


Page Contents - Issue 22
CoverA wrap-around DD illustration by Ian Kennedy
2Letter from the Editor (Rod Barzilay) ,  plus a Dan Dare painting by Nick Spender
3-8Episodes 38 to 40 of  Green Nemesis  written by Rod Barzilay and drawn by Tim Booth
Don Harley Recollects
Don tells more of his days working on Dan Dare
13-17JOURNEY INTO SPACE -  Shadow over Britain -  Episode 1, written by Charles Chilton, and drawn by Ferdinando Tacconi
18our bertie by Ray Aspden
19-21DAN DARE: REMEMBRANCE - Chapters 1 to 3, by Sydney Jordan, Theyen Rich & Angus McKie
22MEKKI in Yes Minister! by Ray Aspden
23-24DAN DARE, My Part in his Revival by Patt Mills, who gives us behind the scenes stuff on DD in both 2000AD and NEW EAGLE
25Gerry Embleton Reprises his New Eagle Dan Dare
26-27The 1950 Venus Shuttle Cutaway by Bruce Cornwell
28-31GARTH - The BUBBLE MAN - Part 4  drawn by Frank Bellamy, colour by John Ridgway
32Rian Hughes - DARE: Questions & Answers
33-38DAN DARE - PARSECULAR TALES -  Episode 1A brand new Dan Dare adventure strip set well into Danís future written and drawn by Tim Booth
39CHAT BACK page - featuring comments from Sydney Jordan and Rod Barzilay
40More Don Harley  Dan Dare artwork
43THE MEKONíS FLYING CHAIR -  a cutaway by Don Harley & Graham Bleathman  from notes by Bruce Cornwell
44-45WHO IS TIM BOOTH?  - Tim Boothís background
46-51DAN DARE - PARSECULAR TALES -  Episode 2, written and drawn by Tim Booth