About Spaceship Away
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Spaceship Away, typically, contains newly-written Dan Dare adventure stories, together with other strip-illustrated stories, also in the science fiction genre. There are also text-based stories with some artwork, and also some factual material, such as biographies of of some of the original contributors to the Eagle magazine of the 1950s, and other articles on historical topics, science fiction literature or science. For more recent issues we have run a Space News article, bringing the reader up to date with space transport and science developments and planned projects in the real world.

Spaceship Away was first published in the Autumn of 2003, twelve years after Rod Barzilay, Spaceship Away's original editor, took the first steps in a project to create a new Dan Dare story, entitled "The Phoenix Mission". The story was written by Rod Barzilay and it was illustrated by Don Harley and Keith Watson, both of whom had worked long before, on the Dan Dare stories in "The Eagle", a boys' magazine, in the UK, of the 1950s and 1960s.