Issues 5 & 6
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Issue 5

Here is another fine picture by Graham Bleathman, illustrating Spacefleet Headquarters, as envisaged by Frank Hampson. Only parts of the site are ever revealed at any one time in the Dan Dare adventures, but Frank Hampson built a model of it all. The location was reckoned to be that of the present Woodvale RAF airfield in Lancashire, UK, from which SFHQ could have been developed. The Anastasia is seen flying in the foreground, with the "Zylbat", the advanced interstellar-capable spaceship given to Dan Dare by the grateful Zylans, in the background.

Issue 6

This is a mural, originally painted the 1956 Hulton Boys and Girls Exhibition, reproduced in brilliant and authentic colour by John Ridgway from a monochrome photograph of the original Hampson mural.