Issue 58 (36 pp)

Autumn 2022



Page Contents - Issue 58
FrontA scene from the Dan Dare story, Prisoners of Space.
2From the Editor, and "Magic in Meter", with Christmas at Spacefleet
3-6Dan Dare , "Voyage of the Ankum"  Episode 17 (conclusion), written by John Bailey, drawn by Richard Woods,.
7-11Dennis Gifford- An Inspiring Obsession, by Andrew Darlington. - This is a short biography of  the Late Dennis Gifford who was a prodigious collector of strip-illustrated magazines. He was a close friend of Bob Monkhouse the TV personality, with whom he collaborated on the production of strip-illustrated stories.
12-14Jeff Hawke, "The Comet's Tale", Part 5. Illustration and story by Sydney Jordan.. The Lady Oriole has discovered where the villain, Chalcedon went. She is now, with her battle squadron,  heading to Galactopolis.
15-17Writing the Dan Dare Dossier, by Norman Wright.  It's not often one gets a glimpse of the considerable effort that goes into writing books. Norman was hired by Patrick Hawkey (Hawk Books) to work with Mike Higgs, the compiler of the Dan Dare volumes by Hawk Books, 
18-19Centre-spread. a selection of drawings created for "Voyage of the Ankum"
21-23Target Earth, Episode 8, Story: John Richards, Illustration: Harry Winslade. The Earthmen and Torra make off with Stiel's car. Quick thinking by Prof Harris buys them time, by bringing their pursuers up short.
24-27Space Review, by Ray Wright. The James Webb Space Telescope is continuing to be used to make spectacular discoveries. We report on a hot topic amongst astrophysicists, trying to explain the shape of accretion discs/ It's all about magnetism on a large scale. After reporting earlier on the mission to strike an asteroid, we report on the mission's success, together with discoveries of carbon dioxide, and barium in exo-planet atmospheres. We also include an obituary of Nichelle Nichols, actress in the first Star Trek television series. 
29-30City In Space. The ability to build large space satellites in the 1950s did not exist, but the Goodyear Aircraft Company was not discouraged from designing them.
31-34Invaders from Time, a Nick Hazard, Interstellar Agent story, Episode 5, Script: Phil Harbottle, Art Ron Turner, based on "Lords of 9016" by John Russell Fearn. Rianna, a human, who has just transferred her consciousness into the body of a tegati, an insectoid, leads her fellow humans back through time in attempt to foil the tegati plans to enslave and feed on humanity.
35Space for Humour: Earthward Bound The caseophilic lunar inhabitants have captured a master cheese-maker on Earth and brought him back to the Moon, but there's a villain waiting there.
BackVarious views of the Ankum capital ship