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Issue 56 (36 pp)

Spring 2022



Page Contents - Issue 56
FrontA scene from "Prisoners of Space"
2From the Editor and a Don Harley illustration.
3-6"A script-writer's daydream". by Charles Chilton and Alan Vince, drawn by John Ridgway and Don Harley. Dan Dare meets Jet Morgan.
7-14"Sky Masters of the Space Force", by Andrew Darlington, A fictional space hero of the late 1950s, illustrated in Express Weekly.
15-17Jeff Hawke, "The Comet's Tale", Part 3. Original monochrome artwork and story by Sydney Jordan. Chalcedon has used his spaceship's drive to deflect Moore's Comet away from its collision course with Earth, taking the frozen alien being Ortzan, with it. Chalcedon takes Jeff with him on a journey to Galactopolis, Meanwhile, the Lady Oriole, companion of Ortzan, has been told of of his disappearance and sets out to find him. 
18-19Centre-spread: Treen battle cruiser, cutaway drawing, by Graham Bleathman
20-23Space News. by Ray Wright. A review of the most exciting recent development in astronomy and space technology. The James Webb Space Telescope arrives at its destination.
24-26Target: Earth Part 7 Story by Gordon Coombs, Art by Harry Winslade The rubber-lipped aliens try to halt the humans' plans by drowning them.
27-29E.C.Tubb's first science fiction novel, by Phil Harbottle. E.C.Tubb's first story appeared in 1951 in New Worlds magazine, followed by his first novel, Saturn Patrol, in the same year.
30-34Invaders from Time, a Nick Hazard, Interstellar Agent story, Episode 3, Script: Phil Harbottle, Art Ron Turner, based on "Lords of 9016" by John Russell Fearn.
35Earthward Bound, The tale of the antics of the cheesy Lunarians continues.
BackA tribute to Sid Clark, skilled model-maker.