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Issue 52 (40 pp)

Autumn  2020


Page Contents - Issue 52
FrontAn Ian Kennedy Christmas Special picture of Dan Dare, The Mekon, and, umm, Father Christmas!
3-6Dan Dare, in "Voyage of the Ankum", Episodes 7-8, written by John Bailey, adapted by Richard Woods, drawn by William Naylor, with text and editing by Des Shaw, and colouring by Martin Baines.
7-1414 April 1950: The Day The Earth Stood Still, by Andrew Darlington, who sets the scene for the first appearance of The Eagle, depicting the take-off of the "Kingfisher" expedition to Venus on its front cover. Also in 1950, though, there were many other illustrated publications for people to read. Andrew tells us about these (mostly) long-forgotten magazines and story characters.
15-19Jeff Hawke - Selena, Episode 3. Story and art originally by Sydney Jordan. Originally in monochrome, coloured for Spaceship Away.
20-21Ian Kennedy's fine centre-spread, with Dan Dare and The Mekon checking his work for quality, accuracy, and general 21st-century wokeness.
Space News, by Ray Wright, on recent happenings on Earth and in space, including progress with the SpaceX's amazing Starship, cosmic mysteries and a buried lake of water, on Mars.
26-29Target: Earth Episode 3. The expedition from Earth discover that the invasion target is Omega, inhabited by peaceful humanoids, about to be attacked by the similarly humanoid but warlike Betans. They head for Omega to warn its inhabitants of the impending attack. Story by Gordon Coombs, Art by Harry Winslade.
30-34Sammy and Jill in Space: Swift 1957-1959, by Jeremy Briggs. In 1957, Hulton Press added Swift to their range of magazines, to cater for boys and girls in the 7-9 age range. Jeremy takes us through the Sammy in Space stories, which took place in the Dan Dare universe of The Eagle.
35Memorabilia: The Eagle "Happy Box"  - a compendium of puzzles and games.
36-38City in Space. Part 1. In the 1950s Darrel C  Romick of the Goodyear Aircraft Company, and others, started thinking about how to build an Earth orbital space station, for scientific studies and as a waypoint for outward travel.
39 It's those cheesy Lunar fatsos again, continuing with their malodours schemes....
Back A Dan Dare & The Mekon montage, by Ron Turner