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Issue 45 (40 pp)

Summer 2018


Page Contents - Issue 45
FrontAn illustration, by Ron Jobson, from the tales of Space Kingley
2From the Editor,  and four superb pictures by the late Gerald Palmer.
3-6Dan Dare, in "Shakedown Cruise", Episodes 13 & 14, written and drawn by Tim Booth
7-13Captain "Space Kingley", by Andrew Darlington. An in-depth discussion of a now little-known space hero of the mid-20th century
14-17Operation Pintos, Episode 4. The humans continue their fight against the dictator Zarat. Story by Gordon Coombs, Art by Harry Winslade.
18-19Space News, Results from the Juno probe to Jupiter, new space hotel project, new evidence in favour of dark matter over modified Newtonian gravity... and ...
20-21Another painterly montage by Ian Kennedy, featuring Dan Dare, the Mekon and the "Anastasia"
22-23... a novel engine for orbiting at the very top of the atmosphere, and new light on thunderstorms as observed from the International Space Station, by Ray Wright
24-29The Golden Amazon, Chapter 1, "TWILIGHT WORLD", Part 4. Article and strip by John Russell Fearn. Strip art lettering by Ron Turner, Script by Philip Harbottle, Colouring by Martin Baines, based on "Conquest of the Amazon" by John Russell Fearn. Editing and additional material by John Lawrence.
30-33The Frontiers of Space, as visualised in the 1950s Part 1
37-38A short illustrated biography of the late Gerald Palmer, artist, by Andrew Darlington
38-39"Earthward Bound", Episode 1, with the Moonies, humour strip
BackAttack of the space jellies, an illustration from a Space Kingley story, drawn by Ron Jobson