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Issue 44 (40 pp)

Spring 2018


Page Contents - Issue 44
FrontA spaceship montage, by Graham Bleathman
2From the Editor,  and a "Stop Press" space news item about the recent successful first launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launcher.
3-6Dan Dare, in "Shakedown Cruise", Episodes 13 & 14, written and drawn by Tim Booth
7-13Dan Dare, Pilot of Merit, an article on the Dan-Dare-themed toy picture projectors from Merit,  written by Roy Spence.
14-19Operation Pintos, Episode 3. The human exploration party make contact with inhabitants of Pintos. Story by Cordon Coombs, Art by Harry Winslade.
20-21Centre-spread: A montage of spacecraft, and a space station that have appeared in various Dan Dare Eagle stories, including in Spaceship Away. Artwork by Graham Bleathman.
22-24Space News, Brief notes about the visit of an interstellar asteroid, servicing orbital satellites, debunking alien mega-structures, the first flight of a small satellite launcher from New Zealand, and new exo-planet observations, by Ray Wright
25-31The Golden Amazon, Chapter 1, "TWILIGHT WORLD", Part 3. Article and strip by John Russell Fearn. Strip art lettering by Ron Turner, Script by Philip Harbottle, Colouring by Martin Baines, based on "Conquest of the Amazon" by John Russell Fearn. Editing and additional material by John Lawrence.
32Jocelyn Thomas: Dan Dare's other Jocelyn. by Andrew Darlington. A biography of Jocelyn Thomas, artist and illustrator, focussing on her work with Frank Hampson on The Eagle, including a contribution from Greta Tomlinson.
33-36Dan Dare, in "Shakedown Cruise", Episodes 15 & 16, written and drawn by Tim Booth
37-38Jocelyn Thomas, continued.
39Dani Dare The adventures of Dan Dare's daughter (?) at school. Humour strip, by Beano artist Leslie Stannage
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