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Part 38 (40 pp)

Spring 2016


Page Contents - Issue 38
FrontAn illustration by Don Harley, based on the "Terra Nova" adventure of Dan Dare in the original Eagle magazine.
2From the Editor, with illustrations of the Ingersoll Dan Dare Pocket Watch, contributed by Derek Wilson.
3-6Mercury Revenant, Episode 13-14, written and drawn by Tim Booth
7-12The Authentic Book of Space, by Philip Harbottle and Sean Wallace
13-17Episode 4 (conclusion) of Jet Morgan and the World Next Door by Charles Chilton, drawn by Terence Patrick
18-19Dan Dare in New Eagle 1982-1989. continued, by Andrew Darlington
20-21Centre-spread. Cutaway illustration of the personal transport of Gogol, the Phant Ruler, by Graham Bleathman
22-23Dan Dare in New Eagle 1982-1989. by Andrew Darlington
24-27Nick Hazard and the Planet of Doom, Episode 4, by Philip Harbottle. Art: Ron Turner. Colouring: Martin Baines.
28-32Keith Watson, the artist who brought back classic Dan Dare to Eagle,  New Eagle, and Spaceship Away, a biography of Keith Watson, by Alan Vince.
33-36Dan Dare: Episode 22-23 of Parsecular Tales, by Tim Booth
37-39Keith Watson biography continued.
BackSuperbly-crafted models of Phant spaceships from the "Rogue Planet" story, by Martin Bower