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Part 37 (40 pp)

November 2015


Page Contents - Issue 37
FrontAn illustration by Don Harley, based on the "Terra Nova" adventure of Dan Dare in the original Eagle magazine.
2From the Editor, with a picture of Dan Dare Radio Stations being stored, at the factory, for the Christmas rush, in the early 1960s.
3-6Dan Dare: Episode 11-12 of Mercury Revenant, by Tim Booth
7-10The Ron Turner and Vargo Statten Connection, by Phil Harbottle
11-15Episode 3 of Jet Morgan and the World Next Door by Charles Chilton, drawn by Terence Patrick
16-19Dan Dare in New Eagle 1982-1989. by Andrew Darlington
20-21Centre Spread:. Frank Bellamy and Frank Hampson, as they never met (but should have), by Don Harley.
22-24Dan Dare in New Eagle 1982-1989. by Andrew Darlington
25-29Nick Hazard and the Planet of Doom, Episode 3, Script: Philip Harbottle. Art: Ron Turner. Colouring: Martin Baines.
30-34Eric Eden, Artist, Writer, Model Maker and Lover of the Countryside - a biography by Alan Vince.
35-38Dan Dare: Episode 20,21 of Parsecular Tales, by Tim Booth
39Davy Rocket, King of the Space Frontier - humour by Ray Aspden
BackThe Dan Dare Radio Station (1960s toy by Merit Toys)