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Part 34 (40 pages)

November 2014


Page Contents - Issue 34
FrontAn illustration from The Ship that Lived, by Don Harley.
2Letter from the Editor, plus a box lid picture from the 1950s Dan Dare Stationery, thanks to Derek Wilson.
3-8Dan Dare, in Mercury Revenant, Episode 2, by Tim Booth.
9-13Article: Dan Dare - An Annual Event: The Second Decade and Beyond, by Andrew Darlington.
14-17Jet Morgan and the Space Castaways. Complete short story, by Charles Chilton and drawn by Bruce Cornwell
18Models from the Dan Dare world: The Mekon, by Sid Clark
19-25Dan Dare - Grounded again: An account of the various efforts to bring Dan Dare to the big screen, by Alan Vince
26-29Jet Morgan and the Space Castaways. concluded.
30-32Ron Turner's Space Ace, by John Lawrence
33-36Dan Dare, in Parsecular Tales, Episode 15, by Tim Booth
37Treen Interceptor - cutaway drawing by Graham Bleathman
38Dan Dare 1950s Memorabilia - The Remote Control Helicopter
BackAnastasia leaving a SF space station in Mars orbit painting by Mike Trim