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Part 27 (40 pp)

July 2012



Page Contents - Issue 27
CoverA Dan Dare illustration by Don Harley
2Letter from the Editor, plus a 1950'd Red Moon Jigsaw.
3-8DAN DARE - PARSECULAR TALES - Episode 8, written and drawn by Tim Booth.
9-10Bruce Cornwell Tribute with contributions from Greta Tomlinson & Don Harley
11-12Bruce Cornwell - The Last Word - correspondence from Bruce clarifying some points regarding his career.
13DAN DARE RECALLED - repainted by Don Harley.
14-18JOURNEY INTO SPACE - Shadow over Britain - Episode 6
19,22CHAT-BACK - Readers Comments, Questions & Answers. Plus, the original Dan Dare recalled advert, and an introduction to Thoughts That Kill by Phil Harbottle.
20-21A Red Moon Story painting by Don Harley
23-28THOUGHTS THAT KILL story by John Russell Fearn, drawn by Ron Turner, with colouring by Martin Baines.
29-30DIEGO VALOR (The Spanish Dan Dare) by Jeremy Briggs.
31-32DAN DARE - AMBERLINT by Nick Spender.
33Frank Hampson's Amberlint Nick Spender.
34-37GARTH - THE FINALITY FACTOR - Part 4 drawn by Martin Asbury colour by Tim Booth.
38-39Dan Dare's Apartment cutaway by Greta Tomlinson & Graham Bleathman.
40An oil painting of Ivor Dare amongst the Mars ruins, with the battle against The Red Moon going on overhead, by Tim Booth.