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Part 26 (40 pp)

March 2012


Page Contents - Issue 26
CoverA Dan Dare illustration by Don Harley
2Letter from the Editor, plus a 1981 Corgi catalogue entry!
3-8DAN DARE - PARSECULAR TALES - Episode 7, written and drawn by Tim Booth
9-10Dan Dare on 1950's Radio Luxembourg by Phil Harbottle, plus Penny Fabb's SF on British Radio guide summary
11-16JOURNEY INTO SPACE - Shadow over Britain - Episode 5, written by Charles Chilton and drawn by Bruce Cornwell.
17-19Dan Dare - The Musical with Jeremy Briggs, interviewing the writer Tom Kelly
20-21Frank Hampson at work, under watchful eyes! by Don Harley
22CHAT-BACK - Readers' Comments Questions and Answers, and a recent sketch by Bruce Cornwell
23-26GARTH-THE FINALITY FACTOR - Part 3 drawn by Martin Asbury colour by Tim Booth
27-29Behind the scenes of the 1990 BBC Dan Dare radio series by Rod Barzilay
30Models from Dan Dare's world - 18, A Treen "Green Magnet" fighter, by Sid Clark
31The Dan Dare Pilot that Never Flew! by John Freeman, with comments by Colin Baker.
32-38Dan Dare in "Pre-Emptive Strike" - Part 2, written by John Freeman, art by Mike Nicoll.
39Readers' Corner: A Spaceship Painting by Eric Eden and some details from the The Horlicks Spaceman's Handbook
40An oil painting of Professor Peabody by Tim Booth