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Part 1  (24 pp)

October 2003

Rod welcomes you to

Spaceship Away



Contents - Issue 1

CoverA Keith Watson painting of the Anastasia leaving the Red Moon
2Letter from the Editor (Rod Barzilay) and  contents list.
3A roll call of Phoenix project contributors who in one way or another have    helped to bring the Phoenix Mission strip into being.

The Daily World Post preamble page, a way of filling in a lot of the background detail to the forthcoming story.


The first three episodes of The Phoenix Mission  written by Rod Barzilay  and  drawn by Keith Watson & Don Harley.

11In the Beginning - How the whole venture started back in 1991.
12-13(Centrespread) The Marco Polo Flight Deck - by Keith Watson.

The DWP Story - How the Daily World Post was created - doctoring old photographs etc..


The first edition of  the Daily World Post  - by comparison with the later version one can see how the behind the scenes story detail has been thought through more carefully.


THE LAUNCH   - In 1992 the Phoenix project was officially launched by Rod Barzilay and Keith Watson  -  This is the story of that day and how the fans were asked to support the attempt at re-creating a 1950’s style Dan Dare adventure.


THE FABULOUS MEKON - A private commission by Keith Watson for one of his fans.


THE KEITH WATSON TOUCH - The visuals, roughs and the last page that Keith Watson ever did.


DARK DAYS &  TRAGIC EVENTS  - The passing of both Keith Watson  and Simon Garrett  was a very sad and tremendous loss to the project, and Dan Dare fandom.


FROM THE ASHES - THE PHOENIX RISES -  How Alan Vince helped recruit Don Harley to take over the project artwork.


THE FIRST EAGLE  DAYBob Rothwell’s ground breaking event was a good opportunity to show fans how the project was coming along, and recruit more people to help us out.


 STOP PRESS! - MORE DAN DARE TO COME - Announcing that from Part 2 we would be running another Dan Dare strip - PROJECT PLUTO by Nicholas Hill and Martin Baines.


(Back Page)  DAN BEAR - The start of a light humour strip about a  society of Bears getting into the Space Race by Andy Boyce.