Issue 43
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Here is a picture that is not in the magazine at all, as there is no centrespread, this time. So, I've put in something else for you web viewers only. In the late 1950s, a series of "trade cards" appeared - the sort of thing one used to get with tea, bubble gum, etc. I think the few that I collected came, here in the UK, with bubble gum; I didn't like it all that much, anyway, so that's why I didn't collect many. There were 88 in all. So, here is No 1 of the Topp's space trading cards. Unfortunately, I have no idea who the artists were, or whether any of the original artwork has survived. Some of the cards were badly printed, with, for example, offset colour layers, leading to coloured fringes all over the picture. This one's okay, as you can see. Images of the whole set are to be found o the web, but collecting the physical cards would be expensive!