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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the 2018 autumn issue of SPACESHIP AWAY. The Mekon returns in Tim Booth's gripping adventure, Shakedown Cruise.

Our first article by Jeremy Briggs, Trains, Planes and Rocketships highlights the career of well known artist, Ron Jobson.

We continue Operation Pintos, with part five of the story.

Ray Wright brings us up-to-date with the latest news in the world of space, with four pages of Space News.

Our centrespread features Graham Bleathman's cutaway of Spacefleet's XC-9 Deep Space Cruiser, coloured by Martin Baines.

John Russell Fearn's The Golden Amazon saga continues with eight pages of Chapter Two, The Undersea Quest, Part One. Again, Martin Baines has done a fine job of colouring to bring the original black & white strip to life.

In our second article, Sydney Jordan and Chris Tubb details the story of the short-lived Planet on Sunday newspaper's Dan Dare strip.

The Frontiers of Space takes us back to the 1950s with visions of how it was planned to set up a permanent Moon Base.

We conclude with two humour strips, a newly-commissioned cartoon Will the Real Dan Dare... by Steve English and the next episode of Earthward Bound.

As the festive season approaches, may I wish all, A Very Happy Christmas.

Des Shaw

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