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Welcome to the Autumn issue of Spaceship Away.

The Christmas cover and centrespread features New Eagle Dan Dare by artist Ian Kennedy.

We have two episodes of the Dan Dare strip, Voyage of the Ankum. This is followed by our first article The Day the Earth Caught Fire. Andrew Darlington explores the world of 1950, the year of the first Eagle comic.

Jeff Hawke by Sydney Jordan continues with Selena part three of this classic story in colour. In Space News, Ray Wright reports on, amongst other things, progress with SpaceX Starship, the prospect of life in the clouds of Venus and buried lakes of water on Mars.

There is plenty of action in episode three of the Target Earth strip. Jeremy Briggs' article details the Sammy in Space black & white strip that was published in the Swift comic during 1957-1959.

Our final article, is the first part of City in Space. It is one of first 1950s blueprints for an inhabited space station. As well as a Memorabila page, we conclude with our humour strip and a piece of Dan Dare artwork on the back cover by Ron Turner.

As we are approaching December and Christmas, I would like to wish everyone Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year.

Des Shaw

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